How to identify stainless steel containing nickel without nickel?

- Nov 09, 2018 -

First: the spark identification method is mainly used for steel. In the grinding of grinding wheels, the chemical composition of materials is identified by friction, high temperature, the number of sparks, shape, bifurcation, color, etc. generated by oxidation of various elements and particles. A method of constituting an element) and an approximate content. Nickel content is also optimal at 8.0% to 11.0%. Nickel content is important, but other elements such as carbon, chromium, manganese, and sulfur are also important, and more attention should be paid.

Second: using stainless steel test solution to identify, stainless steel test solution is also called stainless steel syrup, as long as a drop on stainless steel, the syrup immediately reacts with stainless steel, through the different colors of the reaction, can clearly determine the stainless steel plated stainless steel Model.

Third: stainless steel gutters are generally divided into chrome stainless steel and nickel stainless steel (only one of a variety of classifications). The method of magnetic inspection of stainless steel that we usually use is only used for some stainless steel. In fact, both are more or less magnetic. However, chromium-containing stainless steel is more magnetic than nickel-containing stainless steel. To put it bluntly, you can use magnets to attract chromium-containing stainless steel, and the nickel-containing stainless steel attracts very weak. If it is only for nickel-containing stainless steel, of course, the weaker the magnetic, the more nickel is contained. This method is also the simplest and most commonly used method.

Fourth: Identification by metal instruments.

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