304 New Members Joined The Competition, Yulin Zhongjin Hot Rolled Plate Hot Listing!

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Article from 51 stainless steel Website

[51 stainless steel] September 21 Foshan market news, in response to market requirements, Guangxi Yulin Zhongjin in the case of ensuring a stable supply of 201, the production of batches of 304 hot-rolled narrow strips, products listed recently, the specifications are generally below 630.

According to the relevant person in charge of the steel mill, due to the high price of nickel plates, and the products are currently mainly in the water test stage, there is no mass production, and the wide-size products will also be produced after the new hot rolling is completed, and the hot rolling The production time node, previously planned is at the end of the year.

It is understood that today's 304 hot-rolled narrow-band tax-included price is 11,700 yuan / ton, 200 yuan / ton lower than Dingxin 304 hot-rolled narrow belt.

Introduction of Guangxi Yulin Zhongjin Project:

Yulin Zhongjin Nickel Alloy and deep processing project is invested and constructed by Sinosteel Group. The main investment project is Guangxi Yulin Zhongjin Metal Technology Co., Ltd., which utilizes foreign nickel mineral resources to give full play to the superior conditions of Longtan Industrial Park near port sea transportation and road transportation. Adopt advanced pyrometallurgical process, apply electrostatic dedusting, wet desulfurization, BPRT, coal injection, oxygen enrichment, waste heat power generation and other processes to save energy and reduce consumption. The annual production scale is 500,000 tons of nickel-iron and 1.2 million nickel alloys and deep-processed products. Ton. 

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