201 stainless steel rolls escaped the same price embarrassed

- Jan 20, 2019 -

51bxgOn January 16th, Foshan Market News, in 2019, many people are pursuing "small trends" and using "small trends" to adhere to "long-termism"! Today's morning market 304 private market offer is just a wave of flowers, and 201 is firm and stable, avoiding the same price!


Overnight, nickel rebounded, and today's bulls still have a tendency to blame, and the electronic disk is still awesome. Some agents in the 304 market are still making unremitting efforts. The surf again and again is only the sound of the market leaving. More and more, the stocking is nearing the end, and the transaction is scattered. For example, the early Chengde core agent quoted 14,200 yuan / ton, the price of yesterday's price was raised by 100 yuan / ton, while the market has a price of 13,950 bases in the receipt of goods, once again forming a scissors trend. The sheet metal agent morning futures reported 14300-14400 yuan / ton base, and soon returned to 14200-14300 yuan / ton base, the blossoming waves will eventually become difficult!


The hot rolling market has just become louder. After all, there is still a shortage of hot-rolled products in the market story, which is more favorable than the cold-rolled goods.


Today's 201 market mainstream tax-included base price is 8350-8400 yuan / ton, 8450 base is relatively small, the market yesterday afternoon market can not continue to be 201 today's results, but the market in the afternoon can only look at their choices, After all, the current 201 is back to the former model!


Although the "small trend is the trend that affects the trend, bringing about the change of change", but also with the external conditions of time, location, and humanity can be merged into the river! Although the market has failed to achieve its goal today, it remains optimistic, and maybe a big wave will hit!

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