Steel Mills Start New Models To Pick Up Orders

- Jan 25, 2019 -

On January 22, Foshan Market News, it is understood that today Wuxi market 304 is still appreciating the price increase, while the Foshan market is a high price. At this point, the market has been passed, a major steel mill has completed the January delivery of orders. At the moment, are you still out of stock?

Today, in-stock merchants are still high-priced, such as Dingxin narrow-band is not included in the tax of 12,350 yuan / ton. Other producers who have already raised their prices by 200 yuan yesterday have also resolutely reported: 304 gold sea materials include tax of 13,600 yuan / ton, and friendship materials include tax of 13,550 yuan / ton.

Since the spot is not weak, the futures quotation is also stable. The market honesty expects the March futures report to include tax of 13,700 yuan / ton. Some steel mills have notified the current order for delivery in late March, and reported to Fuxin 13,800 yuan / ton. In addition, it means that the late order mode is based on futures, and the spot ratio will gradually decrease.

Compared with the insistence of 304, the departure atmosphere of 201 is more intense. Some merchants noticed that there was a period of vacation during the period 23-26.

In the morning, large households are still basically flat, such as Chengde materials including tax J3-7800, J1-8000, J4-8500. Another example is Xinfeng's tax excluding tax of 6,850 yuan / ton, but it has also indicated that today is the final delivery. Traders often have a cessation of quotations and handle the bills.

The Spring Festival holiday is getting closer and closer. Some people have completed their tasks at the last moment. Some people are anxious to leave the field and plan to fight again later. Some people are still struggling to deal with the difficulties of clearing accounts. Some people have delayed the holiday time because the orders were not delivered on time. Although the stainless steel market is still busy, but the sporadic offer seems to be unable to make waves again in the stainless steel market, only the price is waiting for the holiday.

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