The 201 Price Increase That I Like To Hear Is Reappearing

- Jan 03, 2019 -

On January 2, 2019, the Foshan market news, it is said that the New Year holidays, the weather in Guangdong is very serious, some people described as "the sun is just the light in the refrigerator." However, it will be warmer in the next few days, and everyone will continue to sell steel as always!

Today's holiday syndrome, the morning market price has been slow, but the price increase that you like to see is kicking off! Thus, the stainless market made 201 a return to the vanguard.

There are Qingshan agent offers: March futures, J1-7900, J2-7400, J3-7700, J4-8400. Although the price is flat, do you still remember the closing of the New Year's Day? So today's March futures are coming!

There are Chengde agent offer: J3-7750 yuan / ton, J1-7950 yuan / ton. Although flat, but limited, below 100 tons, add 50 yuan / ton.

There are Zhongjin agent offer: Zhongjin J3 material 7600 tax, CIJJ5 material 7500 tax, Jinhai 7500 tax, finished product 50+ processing fee, also means limited order. Compared with the previous price, the price has increased by 50 yuan/ton.

Subsequently, the market's bullish action was opened, and the impulsive trader's offer was 50 yuan higher than the agent. The conservative traders said that the preferential activities were cancelled, which was quite good. The Buddha players do not make a quote, and wait and see.

The picture of Nickel is not good-looking, 304 can only look at the good play of 201. In the morning, some people said that 304 narrow-band February futures, there is still a small amount, flat price, reported 13,300 yuan / ton.

Some people say that the wait-and-see attitude remains unchanged. Some people continue to offer a limited discount of 50 yuan / ton of concessions, and smoothly shipped.

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