The Impact Of Indonesian Resources In China And Its Response

- Jan 03, 2019 -

When Indonesian resources return to China, the impact on domestic stainless steel must be there. The return of Indonesian resources to China has two major effects on stainless steel. The first is nickel-iron and the other is 300-series stainless steel. Indonesia has now built 3 million tons of stainless steel capacity, 2.5 million tons of stainless steel capacity under construction, and 4 million tons of capacity or more planned later. In the short term, Indonesia's return to China will have a greater impact on 304 stainless steel.




The progress of development technology in any industry is irreversible. Steel mills from the mainland to the rivers and along the coast, close to raw materials, shorten logistics, and reduce costs are the survival of enterprises, and the trend is irreversible. Therefore, we must not be afraid of the Indonesian stainless steel industry.




Throughout the development history of state-owned and foreign-owned enterprises and private stainless steel factories in the past decade, we can see that an industry is always developing constantly. In the process of continuous technological innovation, how to improve its own competitiveness is the key.


Enterprises must focus on thinking about where their external challenges come from, where their own competitiveness is, and constantly innovating and progressing. Indonesia's stainless steel products also have positive factors, and their technological advancement, or can promote the adjustment of domestic stainless steel enterprises or the entire industry, enhance their core competitiveness, bring out their own advantages, continuous technological innovation, technology Innovation.


For Indonesia to develop stainless steel, first of all, this should have a correct understanding of the trend. First, a company will eventually make money. Second, for cost reasons, domestic companies need to adjust the structure in a timely manner. Do it well. Third, the 300 series has to find an alternative product, such as economical duplex steel is also a development trend.

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