The Nickel Market Is Frustrating, And The Stainless Market Is Happy To Mention The March Futures?

- Dec 28, 2018 -

On December 27th, Foshan Market News, after the two-day close,London Nickel market was reopened today. In the morning, whether it was 201 or 304, the prices of various merchants were stable. At the same time, many merchants announced the New Year’s holiday notice, and the results were left at the end of the year. The last three days are up. A stable market still needs a bit of a topic to be active.

Let us see a trader's offer:

“201 including tax Dingxin report to approve March futures: J2 -7400 yuan / ton, j3- 7700 yuan / ton, j1 - 7900 yuan / ton, j4 - 8400 yuan / ton. ”

When the spot is still in circulation, the January futures were reported, and everyone felt normal. Then the futures kept up in February, and everyone felt that it was difficult. Therefore, a small price adjustment, from time to time to send out the news of the closure, have brought shock to the market, but still daily spot and January and February futures are quoted in order. If there is no deal, it is definitely not right, but according to the slow trend of the transactions in these months, if the futures in March are to be released, 2019 is not destined to be safe!

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