The Stainless Steel Market Is Cold As The Weather

- Jan 11, 2019 -

On January 10th, Foshan market news, today's market is busy in the morning, quiet in the afternoon! With some stainless steel people officially entering the holiday mode, the hearts left in the market have been ticked away by the Chinese New Year!

In the morning, the 201 cold-rolling market is still stable, and some agents also have the opportunity to call back. The mainstream price in the market is 8450-8550 yuan/ton. Even if it is still stuck at 8600 yuan/ton, the remarks will be quite impressive! The transaction is even more unpredictable. No matter how beautiful the price is, how attractive the specifications are, the market is still eating ginkgo, or one or two volumes! The falls have become an irresistible historical trend!

Some aspects of the 304 are not good. Today, the nickel is still a long-term glue. The recent long-term spread of the electronic disk is very small. No matter whether it is February or March, the future will not be seen. Therefore, the 304 market is facing once again! In the morning market, there are some specifications of 50-100 yuan / ton clear inventory action, but the market is quiet and not very affectionate! In the afternoon, in addition to issuing recruitment information, looking for goods, and paying attention to the holiday time, there is nothing practical to talk about! However, looking at the pre-production of the steel mill, it may have ushered in the low price of the price before!

In short, the stainless market has changed a lot. You should keep up with the market's beats if you want to be safe and stable. Don't accidentally make a pick-up!

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