Zhongjin Metal: The Hot Rolling Commissioning Industry Has Reached The Production Capacity Of 300,000 Tons Of Cold Rolling And Will Be Put Into Operation In The First Quarter Of Next Year.

- Nov 09, 2018 -

Wang Wenhui, chairman of China Gold Metal, said in his letter to the Zhongjin family in 2017 that in 2016, Zhongjin Metal caught up and took the initiative to adapt to the new requirements of the new economic era, insisting on "dividing money, governance, listing" as the core drive. From the launch of the new strategy to the promotion of the new business model, from the management to the new talent echelon, from the selection of new equipment to the construction of new projects, from the adjustment of new product structure to the optimization of asset allocation structure, from the new service model The exploration of the perfection of corporate governance has achieved a contrarian rise and gradually towards a standardized and sustainable development path. On December 26, 2016, Guangxi Zhongjin Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed. Three board.

In 2017, Zhongjin people have a high-spirited and down-to-earth basis. The company has carried out its work throughout the year with the strategic thinking of "creating, winning, and inheriting". So far, the hot rolling of CICC has been commissioned and the production has been completed; the pickling production line of CICC will be put into production tomorrow; the 300,000-ton cold continuous rolling project of Guangxi Dingfeng, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CICC, is under construction and is going to be put into operation in the first quarter of next year. 

Wang Wenhui said in his congratulatory message that this year is also the company's third anniversary. The three-year glory process is the foundation and foundation of future development. Based on summing up the past development experience, it has given birth to a new round of development momentum of the company! Just like the theme of the company's 3rd anniversary: dripping water and stone, bravely standing on the head, he called on Zhongjin people to stand on the forefront of the times with perseverance and enthusiasm, dare to open up, be brave in innovation, and be brave in practice, becoming the leader of the times!

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